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How do I get my TDS back if I forgot to fill out my 15H?
simple…file your incometax and claim the deducted TDS (if salary is within no-tax criteria)
I want to invest my IRS withholdings. How do I fill out a W-4 so my employer does not do federal withholding?
Legally you can’t. Those withholdings are not yours. They are payments towards your tax liability, made at the time that you earn the income. Pay as you go. It makes sense.So what you want to do is borrow money that isn’t really yours, interest free, invest it for a few months, and then pay it back the next year. Is that correct? While it’s not really permitted you can manage to get away with it. You can’t easily get away with stopping all withholding. That requires stating that you expect to pay zero taxes for the year, which you know is false. It looks suspicious and is easy for the feds to check. Instead, what you can do is reduce your withholding by claiming a large number of exemptions. That’s not nearly as suspicious. When you complete your return you’ll owe a lot of tax, which is clearly against the rules, but you’ll probably get away with it at least for a year or two and maybe longer depending on how lax the IRS is in enforcing the law on scamsters like yourself.I used to claim a large number of exemptions. It was legitimate since I actually had a lot of deductions at that time. But a couple of years I accidentally withheld too little money, more than a couple of thousand dollars. I paid the tax with my return and adjusted my withholding going forward and the IRS didn’t penalize me or question it afterwards. But if you’re talking about under withholding by a lot more than that and year after year then good luck. You might get caught, forced to pay a penalty and interest, and be flagged for special attention in the future.
How can I get more people to fill out my survey?
Make it compellingQuickly and clearly make these points:Who you are and why you are doing thisHow long it takesWhats in it for me -- why should someone help you by completing the surveyExample: "Please spend 3 minutes helping me make it easier to learn Mathematics. Answer 8 short questions for my eternal gratitude and (optional) credit on my research findings. Thank you SO MUCH for helping."Make it convenientKeep it shortShow up at the right place and time -- when people have the time and inclination to help. For example, when students are planning their schedules. Reward participationOffer gift cards, eBooks, study tips, or some other incentive for helping.Test and refineTest out different offers and even different question wording and ordering to learn which has the best response rate, then send more invitations to the offer with the highest response rate.Reward referralsIf offering a reward, increase it for referrals. Include a custom invite link that tracks referrals.
How long does it take for Facebook to get back to you after you fill out your account form when you got locked out?
Up to 48 hrs.
How can I improve my focus?
I got thrown out of school. "You are welcome to return when you are more mature and can focus" said the formal letter. I was a failure, depressed, and lonely. My parents were upset and my friends thought I was stupid.  Why was I thrown out? A) I was playing chess all the time. I couldn't stop. I'd promise my girlfriend when we were walking in that "Today I will DEFINITELY not play" and then I'd say to myself, "Well, maybe just one game." Ten hours later I'd finally stop playing chess online. For about a half hour. Then another ten hours later I might stumble home. I still play every day. Sometimes for an hour. Sometimes for ten. B) I decided to be a world-famous novelist. Even though I was studying computer science, I wrote ten pages a day (on days I wasn't playing chess). I ended up writing four unpublished (or, I should also say, unpublishable) novels and dozens of short stories. Nothing ever published. C) For awhile, I was always depressed about girlfriends. I couldn't concentrate on work. I'd walk back and forth in front of my girlfriend's house (whichever girlfriend at the time, I was always walking back and forth in front of her house). I'd wait for her to walk outside and then I'd say, "Oh hey! I was just walking by." And I'd hope we could walk together. I'd hope she would like me and talk to me. I would hope she would skip the day and just spend time with me. My hopes rarely came true. And I was always seeking and I don't think I was ever sought. D) I wanted to make friends. Everyone in the same program as me was smarter than me. I wanted to be friends with all of them. Still, 25 years later, I am intimidated when any of my old school friends text me. I would socialize too much. Even on the nights before finals and other exams. I thought I was a cowboy and could go out all night and ace all the tests. I failed every class except one in my first two years of graduate school . I failed out of graduate school. And then I got depressed and it took a long time to recover. -----Later....I got good enough at chess to achieve a "masters" ranking with the US chess federation. So what? And yet: that ranking helped me later get a job at a company I loved (HBO). Helped me sell a future company I started. Helped me raise money for the next company after that. And after that.And has been a lifelong source of joy, competition, and new friends for me. Even if I go to a new country, I just show up at the local chess club and there they all are! New friends for me. I can never repay my debt to this simple eight by eight board. Guess what? The man who wrote that letter throwing me out of graduate school for lack of focus became my chess student for years. And now is one of my best friends. He still wants me to come back to graduate school. ---I never got a novel published (well, I secretly self-published one under a pen name but it's more like a novella). But I did publish 18 other books. One of them has sold a half million copies. The rest have done well. And my writing each month is read by 100,000s or millions of readers.  And my ability to write has helped me win customers, clients, find partners, find friends, and enjoy reading in a way I never was able to before. I thought publishing a novel back then would be a way for me to meet a girlfriend. It would be impressive!It never worked. Bet maybe reading helped me understand a bit more what I was always doing wrong. Or not. --- Because I lack focus, I forgot what I've written above so I had to scroll up and see. ---Relationships are really hard for me. I don't know why. Because I'm both shy and curious and eager to please I started a podcast just so I could meet more people. I've done hundreds of podcast episodes now. With millions of people who have listened. I try every day to improve my relationships. Although often it's difficult. I have to give myself permission to not be perfect.  ---Since I've been thrown out of graduate school I've had about (I am counting right now with my fingers..........13 or 14 completely different careers. Sometimes I've started companies. Sometimes I've been an employee. Sometimes  a writer. Sometimes a total loser. Most companies failed. Most of my writing was no good. Most of the time I've been an employee I've been fired. But overall, I look back and it's been exciting. And when I run into you in the street and we recognize each other from one of those horrific times, we always hug and catch up. I'm grateful for the number of times one experience combined with another completely different experience, to create a new thought for me, a new idea. A new way to fail and mess up. The other day, Howard said to me, "you are still screwing up all the time" but he laughed because now it's funny and when it's not sad it's always interesting.  ---I've never been focused. I never will be. I don't want to be. I am constantly trying to figure things out. Here's what I have. A Plan B. And often a Plan C. And a Plan D. And a  Plan E. And sometimes if Plan A doesn't work out I go straight to Plan B. Or sometimes I combine Plan D with Plan Q to make a new Plan A. A Plan A that surprises me but turns out to be the correct plan. For the day. Or sometimes i write my list of ten ideas for the day and then I am tired and that was my plan for the day. Or sometimes I write those ideas and one idea stands up and salutes and that becomes my master for the day, leading me in all the directions it needs to explore to become something real in the world. I try to give myself permission to be healthy in every way rather than focused.  ---Sometimes my daughter wants to spend time with me. So all plans are laid to rest. No matter who is calling. (I wish this were true all the time but sadly there are times that slip by and I will never get them back, all in the name of a faceless god named "focus"). And sometimes Life happens and all good plans disappear and some never come back. Some fly away and never return and I can't ask "Why?" because only frustration and anger are answers. I never went back to graduate school. I never got mature enough. Most businesses I've started have failed. Most of the time, my life has been so crazy it's been like a roller coaster of exhilaration and depression. But I look back and I'm proud and I'm happy. And I look forward and I'm scared but mostly I can't wait to see what's next. I don't know what's next. The future is all out of focus. And I look outside right now and it's snowing and I want to play.
How to make facial hair grow?
If your body were to grow beard, it would have done it anyhow naturally, and you would have had a fully grown, nice, big, bushy beard even before completing your teens.However, for those like me, less blessed in the matter of beards, and hence craving to grow a nice one to look sexually more appealing, I’ve the following suggestions.Firstly, don’t use beard oils. Mind it, these oils won't help you grow even a single new beard hair. Also, the claim by the manufacturers, of accelerated growth of existing beard hair, is a load of bullshit. I've used such an entire 50ml bottle of beard oil. I used it as directed on its package, i.e., twice daily on the face after a face wash.The bottle takes around 2 months to get over and within that duration of 2 months, I used to shave occasionally. After the bottle got over, I didn't shave for next 2 months, whereas, the package said only 1 month, to see a nice growth of new beard hair. But all that grew was a Chinese moustache and goatee, which was growing anyway even without using that oil.And oh yes, have a nice burst of ugly and very stubborn pimples instead of beard hair.Next, let’s discuss about shaving. I suggest don't shave yourself, go to a saloon instead. Ask them to use that rin which they insert half cut blades, also tell them to shave really close and insist on using alum stone as an aftershave.Having said that, I don't suppose that the ultra modern saloons use that primitive ror alum stone, so try desi saloons instead. Give this a try, a well experienced barber will give you a very close shave. You won’t get that by yourself, shaving with a so called modern razor. A close shave seems to help sprout more hair.I recommend you to observe the following 3–1 routine. Go for a shave to a saloon once a week for 3 months. Then do a progress check, i.e, let your beard grow for 1 month. If you are not satisfied, then again go for once a week shave for 3 months. Follow this 3–1 routine till you get proper amount of beard hair. Once you are satisfied you may let your beard grow as much as you wish.I’m following this routine and it seems to work for me. However, I don’t claim that it’ll work for everyone. Needless to say, it requires a lot of patience.Indulge in heavy exercises to boost your levels. This in turn will promote your beard growth.ALSO, you need to throw away any skin products containing turmeric. Turmeric is known to destroy hair right from the roots. That's why women in South apply turmeric powder paste to get rid of body hair. I wish I’d known this much earlier because I was a loyal user of Vicco turmeric face cream for more than 5 years. Now I’m cursing myself for using it.Consult a dermatologist for beard growth. He might wave a magic wand (don't take it literally!!).Finally, the following link seems promising too. Have a look: 7 Ways to Grow a Beard Faster and Stimulate Facial Hair Growth
How do you get a girl to like you?
Getting a girl to like you is MUCH SIMPLER THAN YOU THINK.In this post I’m going to start by explaining what MOST GUYS DO, which causes girls NOT to like them. Which causes girls to ghost them and ignore them. Then I’ll show you how to do exactly the opposite so you can GO BEYOND them simply liking you. I’m going to show you how to make her CHASE YOU.And I want you to understand something before we get started: Women WILL Chase Men. Most women actually crave the chase. But you must give them something to chase.Let’s begin.Here’s the biggest thing that most guys do wrong which causes girls to lose interest, ghost and ignore. It’s: BEING TOO INTERESTED.When you’re too interested in her, it’s a turn off. By the way, this is extremely common and often comes across in subtle ways that the guy doesn’t realize.Here’s a really important concept about social dynamics which you must understand: Human Beings (1) Retreat From What Pursues Them and (2) Pursue What Retreats From Them.When you show you are “too interested,” it means you are pursuing her. She can feel that subconsciously. So she retreats. She loses interest. She starts to ghost.You know how people say that women love a “bad boy?” Well think about the typical bad boy scenario. Does the bad boy chase her? Or does the bad boy live his own “bad ass” life and she’s head-over-heels chasing him? Obviously, the answer is the latter.So, how do most guys show they are “TOO INTERESTED” in subtle ways that they don’t realize? Well the simple answer is that they come across as being More Interested In Her Than They Are In Themselves.How does this happen?Think about some really common questions a guy might text a girl:- How was your day?- How was your rehearsal?- How was your class?- How was your [anything].- What are you up to?- What are you doing Friday?- I was thinking about you.Do you notice how every one of these questions and statements is asking about HER? Making her the priority? All of these subcommunicate that the guy is more interested in HER than in himself.Think about this example: Imagine that you had 10 or 20 people, texting you stuff like this every day. That can actually sometimes be difficult for guys to imagine because most guys aren’t getting 20 text messages a day from random people asking, “what are you up to?”But for girls (particularly hot girls) it happens ALL THE TIME.Seriously, try to imagine it: 20 different people, some who you barely know (like you met them once for 5 minutes, 3 days ago) and they’re all texting you stuff like: “How’s your day going?” “What are you up to?”How annoying would that be? The answer is really annoying. And what would you do? Nothing. You’d ignore these guys and you’d ghost them.This is not how you get a girl interested in you.So what do you do instead?Well the first step is to create an interesting life for yourself (independent of attracting girls). The beauty is that “interesting” can be anything you’re passionate about. Because nothing is inherently interesting. What makes it interesting is YOU. It’s your excitement and passion. Those emotions come across in your vocal tone, your body language, your conversation, your interactions and your entire presence.The second step is to communicate the cool stuff about YOU to her. So instead of asking her the same kinds of boring questions that all the other guys are asking, you TELL HER ABOUT YOU.Again, this is hard for guys to grasp sometimes so I’m going to repeat it: You don’t ask about her. You tell her about you. Think about it, how can she become interested in a guy, if all he does is ask about her? She doesn’t learn anything about him to become interested in.Doing this also shows her that you’re more interested in yourself than in her. WHICH IS WHAT SHE WANTS, by the way. Remember the bad boy example. Is the bad boy interested in her? Or is he interested in his “bad ass” life?Mark my words here: Women (particularly hot women) do not become sexually attracted to men who make HER the center of attention (because she can get that from any guy). Instead, she becomes sexually attracted to men who lead interesting, “bad ass” lives and bring her along for the ride.So what are some examples of texting her something about you?“I just got new rims on my {whatever your vehicle is}, they’re sick.”“I just got back from skiing up in {wherever}, the powder was off the chain.”“I just posted a picture of me wearing my new jacket from {whatever your favorite brand is}.”Seriously. You just tell her something cool about you. Unprompted. Don’t wait for her to ask.Just tell her.This shows that you are an interesting dude, with things to do, and are not making her the center of attention. You give her something to get curious about.Think about her scrolling through 20 messages that say, “how are you,” and “what are you up to,” and then finding “just got back from a bad ass skiing trip, here’s a picture of me.”Which message creates more curiosity???Now if you’re a guy who is FINALLY ready to attract the woman of your dreams (or multiple women - if that’s your dream) the get yourself a copy of my course Honey Love - Make Women Obsessed With You.The course includes a complete BOOT CAMP to get you out there meeting girls FAST. The course also includes everything you need to master TEXTING GIRLS, FLIRTING, BANTERING, EYE CONTACT, ESCALATING KINO (i.e. how to increase the attraction through touching her) AND MUCH MORE.Check out this FREE video which explains the Complete Honey Love SystemWith Honey Love, attracting hotter women is EASIER than you ever thought possible…
How long did it take you to build a new life after prison?
Bruce this really good Question• I’ve been out 12 years and I’m still building my life and adapting to things that are new to me., A person can never stop learning until he wants to stop learning but to be honest if I would have never got In trouble six months after discharging my prison number!! I’ll explain why I got in trouble for stabbing dude in the face and being caught with a firearm I beat the stabbing on self defense! Ex felon in possession of a firearm they would be racing me back to especially after 4 terms in prison I had a damn good lawyer at the time but what saved me is I got a job at A very high-class restaurant/ bar in Fresno because I knew the owner very very well If I wouldn’t had that job I would’ve been sent back to prison with a new CDCR number and I wasn’t gonna go back with an indeterminate and s new number no way!!So I get 1 year house arrest for the ex felon in possession of a firearm and three years felony probation. The year house arrest taught me a lot about myself I stayed working for four years at the restaurant bar and part time on my family’s ranch. now I’m running my family’s ranch but I’m still new to some situations!! Like I still have a hard time filling out my income tax !! But I’d say really in all it took me about seven years to get used to everything and living normal and not thinking like a convict or getting feelings from being disrespected , because someone looked at me wrong or being immature Like I used to be I had to actually grow up but it took seven years not to mention getting used to having bank accounts, paying bills , having custody of my daughter and raising her as a single ex felon father! had to learn and get used to going to the grocery store, having to cook meals, for myself and my daughter and making sure her homework was done, driving her to school and making sure she signed up for jr high then high school having full custody of my daughter helped me out a lot because you don’t just have yourself to worry about but another person and when it’s your kid especially you will change for your kid I did anyway I did it for my daughter and myself!! Theres no change if don’t truly love yourself and better yourself. Because you can’t love another person if you can’t love your own self!! I’ve learned that quick !! Also cleaning my house I wasn’t used to that, cloth and wasn’t used to vacuum cleaners and pledge all that crap that they don’t have in prison , but the main thing, was changing the way I look at life the way I look at people in general and now I look in a positive way, but mostly when you see your daughter smiling and happy because you’re buying her things that are necessity or that she wants you to buy her clothes etc i learned to help her with school work,had to get her a lap top, And I just bought her a 2022 Honda accord since she got her drivers license and just turned 18 three weeks ago !! How can a guy call himself a man if he don’t work and prfor his family that’s what a real man does and is always there for them! So in actually I became a man in my mid 30s. I still stress out sometimes and get a little mad about petty stuff, but when that stress or anger enters my mind it leaves just as quickly, I’ve had my own 3 bedroom house now going on 6 years now no house payments and no morgage, I just pay property tax which Im gretting used to now I finally got credit cards up until seven years ago I paid for everything cash until I realized that every place doesn’t take cash they want plastic i’ve had my ups and downs through it all but I’ve never fell off track I might have used drugs when I didn’t know how to deal with stress except get loaded Then i learned 7 years ago that’s not how to deal with problems And I’ve had a support group around me ever since!! here I am now almost 12 years out of prison and I’ll never go back again because I don’t want to and I’m no longer that same guy that used to be in and out of prison!! This from my experience and I hope this answers your question or helps
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