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8288-a Form: What You Should Know

Proposed Collection; Comment Requests; Form 8288 Sep 6, 2024 — Form 8288 is used to report the total amount withheld and to verify the identity of the withholding agent. It is filed on the same date as the original return. It is accompanied by information that the return was initiated and all the information required to be reported on the original return. In general, the return is approved within ten days. Form 8288 will not be approved without prior approval  If you file a Form 8288-A, it must be signed by a taxpayer authorized to sign on his or her behalf.” Receipt to be Provided by Withholding Agent” If a notice of deficiency has not been issued, or if you cannot certify the tax withheld and no additional taxes are due, a receipt showing the amount withheld by your withholding agent should be included with your return. Receipt on Form 8288  If an additional tax or penalties have been imposed on the amount withheld in error, then a receipt showing the amount withheld in error must be included on your return. Withholding Statement for Withheld Tax or Penalty For tax or penalty withheld in error from Form 8288, include a copy of the Form 8288 with the completed tax return (Form 8288-A). Comment Request to Withhold; Do not complete this Form 8288 if you have been issued a Notice of deficiency due to taxes or penalties owed that were not due. If you do, you will need to complete additional forms. Comment Request to Withdraw or Withhold; Do not complete if you withdrew or withheld tax from Form 8288-A or if you are requesting a tax or penalty that has been withheld under the same law as the amount received by you in error from Form 8288-A. You must complete a new Form 8288-A. Receipt to Provide as Additional Information, if Additional Tax or Penalties Have Been Charged for Withheld Income Form 8288 serves a separate function. When you receive more money for more reasons than normal, you have received “overpayments” and your statement should show the overpayment amount in the amount of your tax (or penalty) error. Receipt for Withheld Tax or Penalty If more tax or penalties were imposed on the amount deducted in error, include it as part of the amount withheld in the amount reported on the form.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8288-a

Instructions and Help about Form 8288-a

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