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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8288-a

Instructions and Help about Form 8288-a

Hi everybody this is John from USA more than welcome back and thanks for watching official first time on my channel as always welcome today I have another video for you guys on today's video 48 and a final video of a Serie of videos I was making about how to fill out form i-485 application to register permanent residence or I just Stowers stay tuned and I'll be right back you will see moon welcome back to part a of this video of this video how to fill up form i-485 in this part is gonna be at the actual part 9 of the form itself so Leigh story so part known is insane accommodations for individual for disability and/or impairment so you read information from i/o instruction before from playing this part so in question 1 I will question accommodation because what this because of your disability or and or impaired me if it's yes EJ KF is no check no basically I see you are blind or though you cannot walk or you can you are deaf if you need a system then you have to check yes if you don't need assistant you check no so obviously if you check yes then your gonna pranswer like if you check yes you have a disability you are blind or deaf forever then over here if you add if you are there then you check on to a which is I'm deaf or hard-of-hearing and request a foreign accommodation so if you're blind you take or to be which is no be Brian or if you have another type of disability you check out or to see okay and then never gonna move to about five so part 5 is gonna be a big application statement or contact information declaration certification and signature just like any form a new SES form you have to fill up this or this part so this is the applicant statement or if you can read understand English and I've read understand every question instruction on this application and answer every question you check this right here if you use our interpreter there you can check a 1 B then you will pra the language from which the interpreter interprets on the form from so if it's on French or German they usually tap it right here over here this is why you prthe name of the proprietor if you use preparer or to help you with the form you provided preparer or name over here okay act my request yeah you check this one if you use a propeller and I believe this is where you put it propellers name if I'm not mistaken boy there is another song on spit on part of the form what you're gonna prthem on the preparing order to further prepare this information as well then from there we're going to move to applicant the contact information or applicant basically the.

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